Thanks Ben Folds

Well spent the last hour writing a piece on Ben Folds. His style, videos showing his amazing fingering -shut up you pervs, let’s hear form the pianists out there. oh shit no matter what,,,, – and why he is my muse for piano and pop/music.

Grew up on Billy Joel, Elton John, Randy Newman then Tori Amos. All, especially the first named, played a huge part in my own style. Then… Ben Folds came along and changed my life. THIS was the musician who said it all and played to 11. Not volume-wise but lyrics plus all.

And… lost the entire blog. Doh.

Here’s the last item I had. His latest video, fom Ben Fold’s latest album. Lyrics by Bruce Hornby (High Fidelity, Fever Pitch, About A Boy) and all music by Ben.

Cartoon: by the head of Fox Animation.

Sorry I lost the backstory and other videos. Hell, it is Friday Night

Take care kids. And yes there’s a reason I’m a piano player. Will get some Ben videos up soon, You’ll see.. and you will want to play like this cat too

~Miss R

Back Good. Fire Bad.

Many of you;  okay three,  readers know that I’ve had a nasty back surgery that failed. Well not failed. Just didn’t help. And hurts worse now. But NOT failed. -eye roll-.

The back is degenerating so quickly that there’s nothing but surgery ahead (two in the next 5 years and two more in ten year. If I said yes. Shockingly said to doc…no thanks) and in 10 years the disc degeneration will be up to L1.

My happy go lucky neurosurgeon told me I’m fucked then; medical science hasn’t caught up to fixin’ that upper part of the spine. So off to pain management and voodoo spinal electo-stim for me. Ohhh and a drug test. Ooops. For the first time in months I actually had a few hits of smoke last week. Doomed I tell you.Damned hippie!

Point for them is that the DEA are fuckers. Actually not fuckers; too many docs over-prescribe.
Blah blah blah.

So I have the spine of an 80 year old….Hmmm wonder what that 80 year old is doing for a spine? -rim shot-. Once again see if you can name that paraphrase. Hint: Peter O Toole

Spent almost two hours practicing piano today. Longest, and first, time I have been able to sit upright to practice for a year and a half. I am SO FUCKING THRILLED!!!! Did it hurt? Hell yeah. Did I get release and love the music I played till I cried? HELL YES!

All is klar der kommisar.

Here’s a video from my FAVE piano player. Best in the business; and I grew up with Elton John, Randy Newman and Billy Joel. Ben Folds puts them all in the dust…

Be well my friends!

~Miss R

A bit of a PS: If you don’t know: Nick Hornby wrote Hugh Fidelity and About a Boy (and all the lyrics on Ben’s most recent album), Ben folds is a genius both on piano (doesn’t show in this video) who is also a drummer and writer of  full orchestrations (with symphonic credits directing and scoring his music for world reknown orchestras) with the same influences that I have, and Pomplamoose is a newer band.