Orgies for Abstinence

And now an Important Message from the Candidate for the Rest of Us. You know… with brains. Ahmnodt Heare!


Ahmnodt Heare for President

The United States have historically fought wars for peace. It must be working because we have been doing it for years. It is in this spirit that I believe we should promote abstinence through orgies.

Certain events prevented me from planning the last two “Orgies for Abstinence”, which could explain why they went so well.  I am back and want this to be the best ever!  Official “Orgies for Abstinence” events are held twice a year:

  • The first Friday after Easter – This assures that all those who had chosen to give up abstinence for Lent to participate.  (April 13 is the Friday after Easter in 2012.)
  • Election Night – This is an activity that allows Americans what it is like to be a politician.

I am a firm believer in abstinence.  The government has been saying that the “War on Drugs” has been working and that wars in the…

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Politics in America: a view presented by Libby

So I’ve been watching the hellish/physical overthrow in Egypt. As well as the moments of bravery and hopefulness.

Especially since I once said that a political overthrow like this would never happen in the US but maybe it should. Am known as ‘Libby’ by all of my boyfriend’s friends. Note: My first name does not begin with an ‘L.’

Yep I’m tired of it. Tired of the verbal abuse and trying to make a cogent point in conversations. It’s always a battle of cherry-picked facts…. taken from some talking head that makes a billion dollars or a delusional mentally ill personality who glories in attention. Sometimes you can combine the two!

Saw a great blog today that gave some direct and insightful points about being a ‘liberal’ i.e. Dem as opposed to ‘conservative’ i.e. Repub.

Face it America: No matter how pissed we get about the abuse and defacing of the Constitution no one will actually begin a physical rebellion. Doesn’t matter who is president either. Yep, let’s keep that Patriot Act going folks.
The People will be voted down by the same government that they have elected:  Un-Natural Single Parent Families, Goddmaned Greens, Those Homosexuals, Lazy-Ass Disability recipients, and the Stupid Welfare Unemployed because the economy is in the tank.
Yes there ARE swine that reproduce and expect government help. Don’t get me wrong. They are in the minority.
And we should use them as a food source.

I have one child and have made up to six figures (gross) in the past and paid the taxes. With NO loopholes or money knocked off. Because I didn’t make enough to take advantage of them, according to Reagan and Bush and their work to fix the tax system.
Just a small business. I paid 30% taxes off my the gross. When Clinton was president I made enough to buy my first house. These days, am below the poverty level of the government standard. And oh yeah: After a
successful run Bush economics forced me to close after 10 great and profitable years.

Despite the fact that the Constitution was instituted to make changes or correct wrongs the Repubs are ignoring that. Let’s go backwards.You know, so our grandparents can keep eating Alpo.
Apparently Roosevelt is now a socialist bastard. As opposed to the president who pulled us out of the Great Depression. Yep Sucks to live in Norway, Denmark or Sweden. Hmmmm I don’t hear any of those so-called Socialist countries yelling Help Help I’m being repressed!

Is it me or do the rabid conservatives (particularly teabaggers) JUMP on anything that they feel is a negative about the Dems or progressives?

Here’s a bit from a guy who used to be a rabid Con then switched to Dem

    Let me quote from his blog today: 

    “Then, in June of 2009, I read a Media Matters post about Michael “I’m ashamed to be Jewish” Savage, nee Michael Alan Weiner.  The day before, Mr. Weiner stated that “The white Christian heterosexual married male is the epitome of everything right with America” Oddly enough, I was disgusted by this.  And yet, Mark actually defended this piece of filth.  I believe his words were “What did he say that was wrong or untrue?”

    My mouth was literally hanging open that someone I was friends with could not immediately denounce this as one of the most offensive things a person could say.  I confronted him, with a great deal of hostility, about the underlying premise of the statement.  If the white Christian heterosexual married male is the epitome of everything”right with America then anything not fitting that description was automatically lesser.  With me being an atheist of Puerto Rican and Jewish descent, I asked him, did he think he was better than me?  And how, exactly, was he better?  He was instantly offended and avoided answering the question.  When pressed on the point he became hostile and abandoned the thread.’

    Wish that I could be as articulate as he is on the subject.

    I Get it.
    Moved to Northern Northern NORTHERN Michigan with PsychoFuck aka ex-husband Number 2.
    At Thanksgiving dinner Psychofuck’s cousin said to me –in front of my Jewish daughter- “Oh MY GOD YOU MARRIED A JEW?!!!!”
    Why yes. You inbred dimwit.

    Here’s the deal: Hate spreads hate. Ignorant people –who only read what they themselves espouse- are killing us.
    Do we need a revolution? Yeah politically. Scary despite Jefferson’s quote. But hell, can’t we all just use some kind of rational discourse? At least for 5 minutes a day?  Try it first with your pet, then move on to a sentient being.  Baby steps.

    I’m certainly not advocating the escalating -and many times cruel- situation in Egypt. But it’s surely a daydream to believe I’ll see any real change in my lifetime. I’ll keep trying in my own little ways though.

    Wish I was a Dirty Hippie. Peace dude. Even Burning Man can’t make me think that this kind of change will ever happen in this country.

    ~Miss R

Part Two: Your Racist Friends


Your Racist Friends say cut taxes (except for the current ones being extended by Obama put in place by Bush), dispose of  virtually all welfare programs and child food and health programs, it goes on. Democrats or Progressives are Libtards. Hell, they all call me ‘Libby.’

There is no discourse, no rational thought, no in-between. Just keep my mouth shut while my tongue is exsanguinating.

You’re for us or you’re anti-American.

I’m pretty sure you may know a few of these people. Or at least read their opinions online. But due to Facebook I read these insane diatribes ALL DAY EVERY DAY.

Sure I normally read the first few lines, then go on to the next posting. But wait! It’s another post full of facts –using the standard fuzzy math so beloved by all
US Network News- ergo opinions. Anyone who has ever studied statistics know that they can be skewed to prove any point. Especially to a gullible public. Sorry, I meant Real Americans. Not them thar college educated Elitists.

Free speech is fine by me. Hey lookee here I have a blog. But the hate? The fear? The sincere death wish for all peoples who do not subscribe to ‘True Patriotic American’ rhetoric? Did I say rhetoric? I meant values.

It’s burning me out, raising my blood pressure and making my eyes bleed. There are a lot of people I don’t like. Being a misanthrope pretty much indicates that.

But the burning evil and physical violence that these self-proclaimed Pro-Patriot Americans espouse make me ill.

The cafeteria style picking and choosing from biblical verses, cherry-picking quotes and items and then re-working the words into a call for hatred. Hatred towards their fellow American citizens. Then everyone else who isn’t white, American or subscribe to their personal belief systems.

Dear god it scares me.

My good friends chat about art, music, new bands, movies, cultures other than ours, and ours as well, and rarely voice violence or hatred in their conversations or posts on our blogs, in our emails or on Facebook. There’s nary a mention of violence, overthrowing and/or killing an elected government official and death (to their infidels).

Yeah I can turn the channel, read up on Fark, cruise Slashdot, Chuckle at 4Chan. But it’s the hatred of ANYONE who doesn’t think exactly like they do which is frightening.

And it’s there in front of me constantly. I change the verbal, televised, printed, interweb channel a lot.

America’s okay. I lived the American Dream for a while. Pay taxes, raise a child, have done volunteer work and do what little I can to make a positive difference.

Does this country have some enormous problems? Of course.

Will killing and subverting the constitution serve the greater good? No.

As the saying goes ‘If you can’t be part of the solution then you’re part of the problem.’ Wish I DID have a solution. Maybe mine is just the job of saying ‘Please wake up!’

Don’t you just want to tell zealots on either side to simply Shut The Fuck Up instead though?

All this hate… Where does it come from? Why obsess? Read some Anthony Bourdain, Christopher Moore,  Harry Crews, or hell even Dave Barry. Laugh, learn about other peoples and take out your anger on leeks and garlic with a chef’s knife

Going to vote for Ahmnodt Heare in the next election. No violence, no hate, no death. Check it out. A fictional character running a real campaign. Hell, he’s the only man or woman in history that admits that’s what a politician really is.

Your Gun Shooting (I can kill a watermelon at 100 yards), Pro-Death Penalty, meat eating, progressive, foolish Elitist.

~Miss R

Thanks to Plutocrap and Jolly Roger for the great pic!

Your Racist Friends

Part One of Two by She Who Never Gets Her Ass into These Subjects

Let me start by saying that guests in my home have to follow but one rule: No discussion of Politics or Religion at a party.

Don’t care if you make drinks and puke on the carpet, have kinky sex with a Beanie Baby in the back bedroom –please for godssake close the door- , discuss your fabulous precious snowflakes –you will be shut down quickly on this one- or build a mountain out of mashed potatoes.

Just no politics or religion.


So, met a new guy. Like him lots, he makes me laugh, is tall enough to reach stuff in the kitchen on the higher shelves; brown sugar, baking powder, otter pops for summer and all the food items that are rarely used.

He can fix a car (the strange metal devices that cost me hundreds of dollars only to sit parked on the street for months at a time), build shelving out of metal (this whole metal thing is clearly an attraction) and like myself, is a total geek. More than a geek. An Uber Geek! Master of computer tech and hardware. And a nerd. Ah, to joke about I’m The Fucking Batman with someone other than my daughter.

Best of all he tells me I’m beautiful. Not sexy or cute. Beautiful.

Ask any woman and she’ll tell you that this is the sure-fire panty peeler line.

Weirdness Factor: He’s a Republican. I’m a moderate Progressive. Not a Dem. Not Indie. The point is that we don’t shove our beliefs own each other’s throats and even joke about them

Here’s the problem: Remember that tune by They Might Be Giants?

Your Racist Friends?

Well, my new honey has got ‘em. In droves. Not all of them, some are quite rational even if we do not subscribe to the same beliefs.

It’s the trolls. The righteous who post incessantly on Facebook, take over conversation at parties, online, and god forbid you’re trapped with one of them in a car for extended periods of time.

We’re not talking Republicans. Independents, Libertarians or even disgruntled Bush supporters. Teabaggers are afraid of these guys.

These friends of my new love are rabid Kill Obama (seriously), Kill and Deport ALL Muslims (seriously and hopefully in that order) and return all illegal aliens (oddly enough they only hate on Mexicans) to their home soil. Preferably in the same way they suggest disposing of the Muslims.

Beck is a god and ‘never lies.’ Sarah Palin is the most intelligent woman in politics and is the obvious choice for our next president. Harry Reid is a moron (well, I’ll go along with that one).

More tomorrow. I know politics bore you but I feel like a hypocrite talking to you

You and your racist friends

~Miss R