Snow? Shirley you jest….

The Good News:
There is snow this morning. Lots of snow.
A lumpy yet smooth white coating on my patio table and chairs. It has made the bicycle an abstract work of white glistening art. It’s gonna be a powder day. Mt. Rose is open.
There is plenty of food here at Chez Noir. Thanks to ~B I cleared up a little debacle at Nevada State bank.
There’s music here too. I can make it or listen to it or burn it.

The Bad News:
Have no way to get to Mt. Rose. See above description of bike. You already know about the truck –rolls eyes-.
There is no money for a lift ticket. See above description of bank.
Um I’m still alive and was not struck stupid or dead in the night.

Some days this is as good as it gets.
Or as bad.
Yesterday I rode over 15 miles on my bike doing errands. In the friggin rain. Only wiped out once. Right into traffic on Virginia… BOOM SPLAT OUCH.
Great. Was wearing my only pair of sweats, which are now ruined.
air-conditioned in the knee area depending on if you’re some kind of fucking optimistic cretin or a pragmatist such as myself.

On that note here’s your affirmation for the day!

“Today I will nurture my inner martyr
by purchasing two large pieces of lumber,
a hammer, and a few nails”

So take it easy and by all means let me know if you have a job opening.
Preferably off the books. Preferably where I can work from home and never interact with humans again. Unless it’s on the ski slopes; where I’ll be listening to my iPod at maximum volume and ignoring others at their own peril.

There’s only one thing I like better than skiing and since I am currently sans lover this is
not gonna be a happy happy joy joy day around here.

If you are feeling absurd then feel free to stop by and drop a pack of ciggies in the mailbox.
I’ll make sure that Lurch gets his lazy ass out there and collects them for me.



Currently listening:
By: Michael Penn
Release date: 15 September, 1992