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This was posted by my dear friend Max Adams She is founder of the the Academy of film Writing in Los Angeles, award winning screenwriter, activist, sought after lecturer and amazing, intelligent and insightful woman. She is also one of the funniest and most caring people I’ve ever met.
If YOU are an artist of any integrity -or a concerned citizen in regards to censorship on the Net, illegal monitoring, or government intrusion into our writing, take a look at this clip.
Max has previously posted several insightful pieces on SOPA. Check out her blog ‘Celluloid Blonde.’
~Miss R

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Wow. Let’s Give Ourselves A Hand. Or A Keyboard.

Here’s a bow to each and every one of my fellow writers, bloggers and site admins that participated in yesterday’s Black-Out to protest SOPA and the  associated PIPA proposed bills.

The numbers really did make a difference and the legislation has been tabled. For now. Came across two articles earlier today stating that these items are not dead. Plans to embalm their corpses and try again in February are rumored to be in the works. Apparently in the hopes that bloggers and site owners have the attention span of an inbred feline.

In the interim here’s a bit of amusement. And many thanks to our community. Am glad to have been a part, and hope to have imparted information to those net citizens who were not aware of the true ramifications.

So let’s take a peek at the author of SOPA and his webpage… -wicked smile-

~Miss R