Rachael’s Guide: How to Tell if you are Nocturnal

Shit I do in Reno at night

It’s my Bondage Barbie, roasting on an open fire.  Nocturnal Behavior is directly responsible for brilliant works of art such as this.

Here are a few definitions to use as a primer for this blog.

Nocturnal – active and feels better at night
Diurnal – active and feels better during the day
Repuscular – active and feels better primarily during twilight, i.e., at dusk and dawn (freaks)

Rachael’s Guide: How to Tell if you are Nocturnal

1.   You feel half alive until close to 7:00 p.m.
2.   You believe that ‘morning people’ should be lined up and summarily executed
3.   You can’t figure out why the only place to get a burger after 2:00 am in Reno is The Little Nugget or the slimy Denny’s over on Wells
4.   Music sounds better, and should be played louder, at night
5.   You’re a:
a)  musician b) police officer c) graveyard shift worker d) blackjack dealer. You LIKE the hours

6.   The cat gets more sleep at night than you do
7.   Going to bed a 2:00 am seems pretty damned early
8.   Waking up to sunshine and birds singing makes you want to hork
9.   Your prescription sleeping pills have little or no effect
10.   You’re sick of being told that you have a ‘sleep disorder’
11.  That great tan during the summer months confuses your friends.   This amuses you and you continue to visit the tanning salon. After dark.
12.   Your best work is done at night.
13.   When you do try to sleep you’re constantly thinking of ideas, getting out of bed, and typing them into Word.
14.   You spend an inordinate amount of money on high-end eye concealer.
15.   Your sunglasses cost more than your first car
16.   It’s not insomnia asshat, it’s my period of waking hours
17.   You know every free porn site on the net

Friday night, during ‘normal’ evening hours, I watched a new episode of Numbers. You already know how exciting my Friday nights are.
Anyway, what music is playing during the opening scene? The Underdog by Spoon.
I listed their album on my Top 10 Albums of the Year post and the song itself as my fave from the CD.

A prime example of how living the Nocturnal Life has benefits. Catching up on T.V. culture as your evening begins at 10:00 p.m. or discovering new music after 1:00 a.m. -while searching through your favorite porn sites. When the two combine it’s magical.
Current Television. Episodes and Barbie Amelioration. Porn and Incredible Music.
Batteries not included.

Sunshine Blondes may have more fun but insomniac Brunette/Red/Purple highlighted gals get the goods.

~Miss R

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Lagrimas Negras
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