Meet My Newly Adopted Wombies!

Here is a picture of Victor and Victoria.

They arrived tonight via Tasmanian Devil Airways. Oddly they seem to have somewhat of a Canadian accent.

Victor and Victoria

These sweet Wombies were adopted courtesy of Wombania.

Right now I am preparing their bedding, getting to know them, cooking up some hot chocolate, and placing a Wombie Door in the back of the house. I was advised by Binky that Wombies need room to dig. Knew that if they were allowed to roam freely the bright neon lights of downtown Reno would cause them to wander. Certainly there are chocolate shops, SPAM sandwiches at the Hawaiian restaurant and other delights but they are too young. No one wants a drunk Wombie  gambling away their cupcakes.

Stay tuned as Victor and Victoria explore Reno, learn to ski (Victoria has expressed a great interest in this) and we go on adventures to find Wine Gums in the western United States.
Now it’s time for dinner: Candy and that delish hot chocolate with marshmallows.

~Miss R
A New Wombie Mommy