No Reason At All

Remember this tune from childhood, apparently this was released in 1971…. which made me 10 at the time.
Wait, Made me an embryo.
After the heavy last post needed this.

Well kiddies there were no videos, and I could embed the tune but F it. The video is disturbing only because I relate it to the time frame… ala ’70s.

The video is recent. Have to be happy that another generation has found it!

Thanks Ben Folds

Well spent the last hour writing a piece on Ben Folds. His style, videos showing his amazing fingering -shut up you pervs, let’s hear form the pianists out there. oh shit no matter what,,,, – and why he is my muse for piano and pop/music.

Grew up on Billy Joel, Elton John, Randy Newman then Tori Amos. All, especially the first named, played a huge part in my own style. Then… Ben Folds came along and changed my life. THIS was the musician who said it all and played to 11. Not volume-wise but lyrics plus all.

And… lost the entire blog. Doh.

Here’s the last item I had. His latest video, fom Ben Fold’s latest album. Lyrics by Bruce Hornby (High Fidelity, Fever Pitch, About A Boy) and all music by Ben.

Cartoon: by the head of Fox Animation.

Sorry I lost the backstory and other videos. Hell, it is Friday Night

Take care kids. And yes there’s a reason I’m a piano player. Will get some Ben videos up soon, You’ll see.. and you will want to play like this cat too

~Miss R

YoYo-Dyne Loves Physics and Music

This is fabulous. Not just because it has to do with physics, quantum ideas and some of the best scientists on the planet, but you can dance to it.

GAH,¬† already wrote this blog and was cut off by a power outage. That is the real reason. Not going to re-write the brilliance which was the fist post. So here’s the juice of it.

I can only say that Science Symphony rocks and this is the most recent tune  they have drawn my brain into.


WARNING: IF you watch a shitload of TV and/or collect baseball cards just move along…