27 thoughts on “This Goes Out To All My Bloggin’ Homies

  1. You left out trying to keep up with a posting schedule.
    (Thursday nights are hard.)

    Great album! (I may use this song tomorrow. Don’t think I’ve used the Fratellis yet.)


  2. Oh yes I like it, in fact I like it a lot 🙂 lol
    BTW – My Space has been closed but
    I will keep calling in here and pestering
    you all the time so how about that for a
    bit wicked? 😉 🙂 lmao

    I am just looking at your Youtube
    actually, hey don’t be so naughty 😉

    Andro xxx


      • I am back already so click on the edit and check out my e mail addy and e mail me so that I can add you, or failing that just request access to my New Space and I will let you in 🙂 😉 lol

        Geoff xxx


  3. You place far to much emphasis on the issue at hand. Move napping to inspiration, there problem fixed. Now you can feel excited by your naps. The muse visits during inspirational naps, you see?

    Loved the video!


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