A Banner Sunday

Hey there. It’s raining outside. the music library is on shuffle, and I’m taking a break. Just ready to sort out the coming week’s medications, vitamins and assorted supplements. Don’t know why I crave any actual food after choking all of this crap down each day.

Notice the new YoYo-Dyne banner? Cool isn’t it? Adam over at Chowderhead offered to design a banner for the first 25 readers that snapped up his offer. Being adroit at finding all things cheap (see ex-boyfriend) Adam’s offer couldn’t be passed up. You can see ALL of the nifty banners he designed at the above link.

For those of you unfamiliar with YoYo-Dyne, here’s a quick question.
Have you ever watched Buckaroo Banzai? You know, origin of the oft-used phrase ‘no matter where you go, there you are’? If you’re familiar with this 80’s fan classic then you’re okay. No admission fee for You.
But wait! There’s another way you can sneak in under the big-top canvas. Perhaps you’ve read The Crying of Lot 49 by Thomas Pynchon? You’ll see YoYo-Dyne Propulsion Labs show up there for the very first time. Earl Mac Rauch, who wrote the screenplay for Buckaroo, lifted Pynchon’s mythical Rockwell/Boeing/Hughes Evil Giant Corporation (because that could never happen right?) for amusement purposes. An in joke for a very small number of fantasy genre readers.

It wasn’t until I’d begun tossing around the YoYo-Dyne name in various stories, graphics and conversations that The Crying of Lot 49 became a beloved fixture on my own bookshelf. If you get the chance, read it. Almost a novella, it is not a long read. You’ll find a slew of 1960’s pop references, all cleverly and amusingly disguised, in The Crying of Lot 49. Pynchon will take you on your own treasure hunt.
But this one is mine.

Dammit, another movie entirely

Dammit, another movie entirely

So I started to dig around a bit to see if anyone else had been using and happily abusing the Lectroids and Lord John Whorfin. The latter were all running about the YoYo-Dyne warehouses last I heard, screaming something about Planet 10.

I already knew that the YoYo-Dyne name was unavailable in any url form I wanted. Tried to lock down that baby 15 years ago. Someone I worked with at The WB mentioned that she’d seen a YoYo-Dyne Hair Salon, or Hair Something, in one of the Dakotas. Weird but cool.
My own contribution is this blog, and a Facebook page. Listed my employer on FB as YoYo-Dyne Propulsion Systems: Reno Div, Location, Grover’s Mill, N.J.
In the infinite wisdom of Mark Zuckerberg it seems that by collecting 25 ‘Likes’ your page is considered a viable location. Believe it has over 85 members now, and perhaps 15 or so are friends of mine.
My current position, listed on my personal FB page, is CEO, Writer and Fellowship Chair of Banzai Physics. I have a real employer now, YoYo-Dyne Propulsion, that comes up on the link. It must be true.

Found that there was a reference to YoYo-Dyne Propulsion on an old show called Angel, which was a spin-off of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.
Seems ABC referenced YoYo-Dyne on a website for a fictional company named PB-Sales. The site was created for the television show Lost. PB-Sales supposedly owned not only YoYo-Dyne but GeoComtex; a Company owned by Van Stratton from Dr. Who. The site’s gone now, but my fangirl neurosis cannot be quelled.

Doctor Who Rules My World

The Doctor is IN

We’ve gone through enough pointless history on YoYo-Dyne Propulsion systems that my ears have been treated to Madness, Zero7, Ella Fitzgerald, Ben Folds, Wagner and The Format. I’d die without music.
It’s all that’s left. My beautiful concert grand is in Reno, on consignment at a retail music store.
I tried to play one more time before it was dismantled and taken from my home. Still had hands like claws, so even a slow rendition of Scott Joplin’s Solace wouldn’t come.

Now I keep music, books and movies close. Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eight Dimension and John Cale singing Hallelujah, Princess Bride and Gogol Bordello. Tom Woodrell speaks to me while Kings of Leon sing Pyro.

A good friend pointed out that life is a spiderweb. Everything is interconnected. I don’t believe we’re separated by 6 degrees, but we may be 3 strands from understanding.

So that’s all I have to share today. Buckaroo Banzai is available on Netflix streaming again. Even if you don’t love the movie the end title sequence is a gem. Never seen anything like it before or since. The only versions of the credits on YouTube are a mess. Eh, get up and haul your ass over to the TV. It’s worth 90 minutes of your time to check out Peter Weller, John Lithgow, Jeff Goldblum and a cast of Lectroids in one of my fave little films.

At least you’ll understand why YoYo-Dyne Propulsion Systems: Reno Division has been invaded by aliens. Time to get back to the pills and my Fresca. The hands are getting better, so cross your fingers. I feel some ragtime creeping into my soul. It really is a banner Sunday.

                  Laugh while you can Monkeyboy!

Buckaroo Banzai Beyond the 8th Dimension

Shot from the End Credits

 ~Miss R: Fangirl Geek or Eccentric Human? Poll next week.

Owner of an original Buckaroo Movie Poster, Two original BB coffee mugs -still in use and unbroken, a shooting script (photocopy) signed by Earl Mac Rausch (not photocopy), a BB studio promo button and of course memories of the first time I saw this film: in New Jersey with friends on the night it was released. The audience stood and gave the flick a standing ovation. Not something you come across much anymore

37 thoughts on “A Banner Sunday

  1. I did see Buckaroo Banzai back when it was new or almost new, but I don’t remember what it was like, other than crazy. Had no idea your name came from the movie and book. well not your name, but you know. Maybe you really are a character in a book, and this is your story. Maybe we all are, our lives being someone else’s dream. I think I need some comforting chocolate now.


    • Oh Binky Sunday is Carb Day!!!! You should have been here. Since last night I’ve eaten half a bag of Ghiradelli semi-sweet chocolate chips, half a bag of Easter candy malted Milk eggs, and 2 bowls of low-fat ice cream. Sorry, only low fat in the freezer.
      Victor and Victoria had to take away the rest of the chocolate chips and I have a feeling I shall never see them again. The candy I mean, not the Wombies.
      Ohhhhhhh dear I don’t feel so good.
      My story will be called: Reno Buyers Club aka 49 Years a Chocolate Addict, or, Gravity 2


      • What, you only get one carb day a week? You need to break out of that joint! Although you seemed to have made out pretty well. I need to find some pre-Easter Easter chocolate. And speaking of which, tomorrow is pancake Tuesday! That’s right up there with Wombat Day!


        • Okay tell me more about Pancake Tuesday! May have to switch carb day from Sunday now. I just enjoyed a delightfully decadent, organic 70% dark chocolate and toasted coconut bar. Binky, I finished just as the clock struck 12:00! Ooooh and I had a bowl of low-fat (eeeek!) ice cream (jk it was good) after a small dinner. So I could eat more treats.
          It’s tomorrow. I have turned into an Atkins pumpkin for another week. A happy curvy little Atkins pumpkin.


  2. The banner looks great! Glad to hear the story of how you piked your name, and congrats on the CEO-ship. Sadly, I don’t get the company newsletter anymore.

    The Dr Who pic in the middle is priceless!


    • EG: I bow to your compliments. That Doctor Who pic is the bomb. Was hoping someone else would enjoy it. Yes, the truth revealed… Buckaroo Banzai is a life-time fave. I can put you on the mailing list. Our Holiday Newletter is out of this world.


  3. First time caller, short time follower. As a new friend from another dimension, my following comment will either be perceived as a giant kiss-ass, suck-up or as I like to call it, doing what I do best. I followed, joined or whatever one does to get your blog posts, (I’m such a techno-luddite) after meeting you in another world (Facebook), in another dimension (TM). You are one of the most honest, whacked-out (in a good way) and cool lady’s I have ever encountered. I have lived a life of middle class boredom and rarely ventured to the edge of the dimension that many unfettered, don’t-give-a-fuck, cool people who do what and when the spirit moves them, travel to. My journey has been fun and while mundane, I regret nothing. I look forward to embracing your realm Cara Mia without descending to the status of stalker. You are a funny, witty, sarcastic, erudite, bitch -goddess and on this stage of your journey I will be hanging on your every word with ‘baited’ breath (my mouth smells like rotten tuna). Don’t know Buckaroo Bonzai or Yo Yo-dyne so I’ll sit at another table and listen to the cool kids.


    • Ah, living on the edge indeed! Noticed your icon looks rather rabid. I’ll watch it from here on out.
      Alright now really. I’m thinking the Cara Mia may have given it away.
      How did you find the Bat Cave? It is rather more simple to locate than my previous underground bunker.
      I am thrilled to receive any and all grovelling, suck ups and kind words.
      Hate to burst your misanthropic bubble… but I find your delightful, and encouraging comment to be the latter.
      Bless you my son and go in piece. Or peace. Depends on the effects of the TM -badda bing-!

      Hugs and Spanks xoxo

      p.s. Stalkers are good. As long as your’re not an ex-husabnd and live in the Great White North we’re good. Unless I have the wrong person in mind. In which case… Stalkers are Good.


    • Hello Don! Thank Chowderhead!! He asked what kind of theme I craved, and he happened to mention aliens./ Ah ha! Who knew this was just perfect. the man is a comedy genius, by the ay. I heartily recommend heading over to Chowderhead’s (aka Adam) blog. If you like my brand of derange,d you’ll be digging his as well.
      Hope all is well in wilds of Mass.


  4. What is “fear and LOATING” in Reno? Did I spot a typo? I’m totally cool or loating is the new black…..get it Rachael Bla …oh never mind. Hey, is that my pen?


    • Loon, you are a sharp-eyed friggin friend. I must now go back to Adam and offer pain (which he may enjoy) or threats (which he will not respond to)
      Luckily, he has created two versions. Time to place the other in the header.
      You win the grammarian award of YoYo-Dyne Propulsions. Expect your prize shortly. The check is in the mail..

      Thank you my dear!


  5. My husband has been referencing Buckaroo Bonzai for our entire marriage! We actually watched the movie together, when it came out. “No, no, no! Don’t tug on that, you don’t know what it might be attached to…” and “this far inside the head, it all looks the same!” My man is neurosurgeon too, and fancies himself a BB. So, there… one more spiderweb that connects us, my friend. 😉 Adam is sure getting around. I probably should have him do a banner for me too! God knows I could use the help. GREAT news about the hands… my fingers are crossed that you can cross yours soon, love! xo


  6. Adore the new banner! My sons and I watched Buckaroo on replay for many months (years).

    I weep for your piano, I do.

    Carbs, yes I could come and share with you. We would need to add fabulous Cadbury Eggs to the mix, available only at this time of year we could crack them open and lick the insides out.


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