Warning! Rant in Progress

This computer is still all kinds of fucked up after the Crash of 07.
Was just now able to reinstall Word.
Have also lost my XP Pro O/S and am back to XP Home –shudder-.

No iTunes and it will not run, despite repeated installation attempts. Over 1500 of my MP3’s are gone/MIA/hiding; they’re not in the iTunes folder and a Search for the file extensions mp3 and mp4 does not show that they exist.

This all started when a well meaning friend decided to ‘help’ me. This machine runs slowly. It’s 5 years old and here’s a secret:
Windows has a half life. I just know that bastard Bill Gates has done this to make sure that everyone is forced to upgrade every two years.
Am pretty sure that HP is in cahoots. Swine.

Anyway, I am not amused. Nor entertained. This entire debacle was caused by the installation –clearly done incorrectly –of SpyBot. This was done in an effort to make my machine run faster. The above mentioned friend also removed a plethora of programs.
Well obviously something went awry.

My FTP program is still functioning and contains all of the passwords and ip addresses, but Outlook Express has to be reconfigured.
Word disappeared but Limewire worked fine.
What the fuck?

So yeah.
Got some sleep last night. Would have gotten more except for a phone call at midnight. I’d just fallen asleep but on the positive side it was a good friend and we hadn’t spoken for a very long time.
Yesterday morning I was up and awake at 3:30 am, but today the sleep went on until 5:30 am. Ahhh bliss.
Warning: do not call me before 11:00 am or after 9:55 pm or I will get voodoo on your ass. .
It’s cold here in Reno and only 22F right now. Driving the goddamned Zamboni around is not helping things.
Oh it’s not a real Zamboni. It’s my truck.
Really there’s nothing quite as exhilarating as driving around in a vehicle with the passenger window in the perpetual down position. Particularly when the temperature is in the 30’s or below.
Good times.

Well, it’s Saturday night and time for the annual Reno Santa Crawl.
Don’t know if I’ll go check this out or not. Think that I mentioned the friggin’ cold, and add to that my lack of funds.

Although if I do the Slutty Santa thing (highly suggested by the charity which sponsors this event) and wear a ball gag around my throat I may not have to worry much.
It’s so festive with that leather and big red ball.

Hell, I might even score an Awful-Awful at the Little Nugget around 4:00 am.
Or, I could be home still awake and watching some movie on HBO.

I really need new business cards

Rachael C. Black
Exectutive Factotum
i can werk for cheezeburger?

Well it’s time for more coffee.
Have a weird day. I will.

~Miss R
Currently listening:
Gorgeous George
By: Edwyn Collins
Release date: 20 June, 1995

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