42 thoughts on “Happy Wombat Day 2013!

  1. It’s all about the treats! Yummy yummy treats! And fun! And eating yourself silly!

    And don’t forget, all calories consumed on Wombat Day don’t count. It’s been scientifically proven.


    • Happy Post Wombat Day EG.
      It IS the most wonderful day of the year.
      Your comment about Swedish Fish got me pondering in a literal manner. Which brought lutefisk to mind.
      Then gefiltefish. Word will not recognize ‘gefiltefish’ but offer’s ‘whitefish’ as an alternative on spellcheck. For all you Goyim out there…. Gefiltefish IS whitefish. Carefully prepared in a vile way similar to lutefisk.
      Second time I edited it ‘shellfish’ came up as a spell check option. TOTALLY non Kosher.
      No longer sure about Jews running and owning the media
      Tr.uly Wombat Day keeps these nightmares at bay for 24 hours each year. All Hail the Wombat and Wine Gum

      “we are not worthy…!”
      – some reno guy at the bus station


  2. Hahaha… you know, what? I’m beginning to think the inspiration for ‘The Scream, might really have been running out of chocolate! Well, either that or forgetting it was wombie day! Or maybe even a combination of those horrors! *shudders*


  3. I am just calling in for a bit, how do you mean a bit of what? 🙂
    You know… Chocolate, cheeky 🙂 Actually some chocolate cheeky
    sounds rather naughty, but nice too 🙂 lol

    Have an awesome Monday and be good, or else? 😉

    Andro xxxx


    • Andro my dearest! A late reply but a heartfelt one. I had some chocolate last night and plan to have more today. It’s true! I AM a chocolate addict. Mmmmm chocolate sauce is not only frolicking fun, it’s good for you 😉


      • It sure is and with a wicked imagination you can be transported anywhere you like for a nice chocolate fantasy, hey steady up naughty, I meant with a horde of your favourite hunks 😉 🙂 lol

        Have a deliciously sweet Tuesday Rachael
        and don’t forget to bring your towel 😉 lmao

        Andro xxxx


    • Hook, holidays are my reason for living. Tomorrow is my birthday. Naturally I am already lobbying the state legislature to make it an official state holiday. School is out for the kiddies and people get a day off.
      It’s really the least I could do for all the little people.
      Glad you’re a Wombat fan! Treats and Wombies are always a cause for celebration. Pancakes, waffles and chocolate for everyone on my holiday as well!


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