Erection Night 2012!

Like many of my fellow Americans I shall be happy when the election is over.

Am only hoping that we do not receive the same fabulous result as 2000. Some of you may remember that the country elected Al Gore as our President. Bush was placed in office.

This is another close race. Please goddess, let this shit be over by the time I go to bed tonight.

Have no idea who will win. Placed my vote; which cancelled out my roomie.

As it should be, we both laughed our asses off  just thinking about it. Hey America: Wake up. Read your constitutional law and the codes of jurisprudence, electoral statutes and oh I dunno… history?
Difficulty Rating HIGH: Describe the manner in which laws and bills are made and passed.

We’re frighteningly similar (and ignorant) to Britain or any other monarchy with a ‘democratic’ process.
Who is in the congress and senate? Who is president? They balance (or unbalance) each other. Or in this country’s case…. fight each other to the death.
Of the public.

Will be slap-happy glad to see the unending and mind numbing political TV advertising go away. Thrilled to keep my head down as zealots begin their arguments around me. Orgasmic to begin watching my other favorite sport… Hockey!
Oh wait. I’m fucked.

Think it’s time to move. An exotic island in a banana republic. You know, just like Nevada, but with beaches and boat drinks.

It’s time to stop hating people for their political ideology and go back to hating them for who they are.

~Miss R

* Thanks to Ahmnodt Heare, Scholar Mel and the Wombies for their tireless support during this campaign

33 thoughts on “Erection Night 2012!

  1. I am so utterly exhausted from the trail which inevitably marches directly through my living room. I really need to get in touch with DOT so they can point the signs in the correct direction next year.

    Speaking of not know ass from elbow. You should go on my field trip to my sis’ blog. You will laugh until your sides hurt. Hold on and I will get you the link. (Plays on hold music: Alice Cooper) Oh, wait, let me get the feathers off of it.

    Muah! How about you and I buy a hockey team? I have not been to a nude hockey practice in a long time.

    Hugs and smooches,


    • EG: If we’re lucky it will be Friday.
      the only news I want to read is an end to the hockey strike. Okay maybe promises of free chocolate and/or boat drinks to the ‘mericans who took time out and actually voted.

      I predicate that by tomorrow the headlines will be filled with a brand new story. It will involve aliens, hookers from space, small mammals (with lasers taped to their fucking heads) and a picture of two well known senators knocking boots under the stall at Roswell.

      Better stock up on tinfoil! Politics never sleep.


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