40 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day! You know why we’re here?

    • Glad I got a grin out of you Tony, and many thanks for the good wishes. My mom came from northern California and she treated me like a princess all weekend. Next year my daughter will be able to make it here too.
      Hope the script is rocking along!


    • Andro, had a fabulous Mother’s Day. Was very good and positively saintly as my mother came to visit for the weekend.
      Back to my wicked wicked ways today 😉
      Thank you so much for the wonderful words


      • I will be expecting something exquisitely
        naughty in the making next Miss. R 🙂 😉

        I hope you can be good long enough to
        write the posting, but if not it’s okay because
        I know how wicked you can be 🙂 🙂 lol

        Androgoth XXx


  1. – We should have roses for this kind of deal.
    – How many up there?
    – Three or four.
    – That’s countin’ our guy?
    – Not sure.
    – So that means there could be up to five guys up there?
    – It’s possible.
    – We should have f****n’ roses.


    • hey Loon, still have another week or so to go!
      Trust me it will be fucking depressing anyway. My dad died 4 years ago and I spend Father’s Day drinking myself into oblivion while listening to Sinatra, showtunes and classical. His faves.
      Of course when he died he was 25 years clean and sober… so not sure how much the ‘drinking heavily’ part fits in. Exept that he did like it back in the day.
      Matter of fact, after 12+ years clean and sober I fell off the wagon partially due to my inability to deal with his death.
      Laugh Riot!
      It’s all fun and games until someone winds up in a club…. like a baby seal -rim shot-.
      Got the twisted dark sense of humor from Dad…. so in reality I WILL find something appropriate, childish, erudite and offensive to the PC’s


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