The Doctor Needs a New Companion

FB Valentine sm

Unfortunately I’m not young or gorgeous enough. Ohhhh but didn’t Riversong become gorgeous in her 40’s and 50’s. Grooooowl!
As my daughter reminds me: Never leave the house without being dressed and ready to be picked up by The Doctor.

The PS above was a quick knock-off for FB. Now I’m obsessed with fixing it. You know, adjusting just about everything to make it worthwhile; scissors on top of roses (or a knife instead), edges on the top verbiage highlighted somehow, moving the transparent GIFS to the left…

Damned OCD. Plus perfectionism. Plus artistic love.
But I won’t. It’s a reminder.
Practice not Perfection. Or something like that.

Playing piano, finishing songs, working on PS and Corel skills, going to meetings.
Will be working on something far more important than writing. Really. May toss a few words on another blog that I’ve stashed away, but not here.

Will be gaining some strength, and laughter, and learning a new way to live.
Rather former than new. Always using YOUR help, ideas, laughter, and general bizarre writings.

Speaking of silly (and who isn’t)

Still waiting for a Mad Man in a Box,
~Miss R

30 thoughts on “The Doctor Needs a New Companion

  1. Sadly, those Daleks look almost as good as the ones from 63.
    Hope you share what your working on, and good luck and good skill to you!

    Great to see you, Miss B, and hope all is well (and getting better)!


  2. You are severely mistaken, dear! There is absolutely no need to be young to be goregeous. May I remind you of Alan Rickman? No one can be more gorgegous, right? See, he’s living proof, so dry your tears. 😀


    • Bob, running with scissors is always an adventure. Of course you of all people appreciate the OCD joy attached with PS and Corel.
      You are an inspiration by the way. Will never have your eye for art (ouch!) but I’m gonna have fun working my way back to the level of graphics my brain used to produce 🙂


  3. My chica! You are fabulous and piss on the young things. They do not have the brain capacity to power a small appliance bulb. Meanwhile, what musicality and artistry are you hoarding? Hmm?

    Much love and squeezing. Say, I have some purty pix up for today. I played with my FB cover yesterday. Sweet if I do say so. And I do. Pft.

    Bisous! ❤ xxx


    • dug your cover Red. Made a comment on your FB page the day you posted it.
      True about the young thangs. As some anonymous scholar once quipped ‘Age and treachery will always overcome youth and skill.’
      Oh, and I didn’t hoard all of that music and artistry. My sister hoard half of it -rim shot-


      • Bwahaha! After my post on Monday about “youth” (le barf) I believe I shall meme that quote as well. I need to get my square butt busy. I have a list of requests to do. xxx


    • Bob and I will keep the scissors for our own amusement. No worries Binky. Being cryptic until I fight off demons for a month and get to the real work.
      My Wombies and safe, warm and full of nutritious SPAM.


    • Loon, I’m kinda psycho about Valentines’ Day. Can’t remember the last romantic one.
      In fact, for three years I hosted an Anti-Valentine’s Day Party. Placed an ad on Craigslist, giving a time and place to meet (the nicest lounge in one of the nicest casinos here in town) with the instructions to look for a voluptuous redhead (me back then) and other single people looking cheerful. In a group.
      Each year the gathering grew bigger and bigger 🙂


  4. Running with scissors, now that sounds like fun after a few…well maybe not, with my luck, well never mind that. So that’s how you hook a doc is it. How perfect that would be, there never home. 🙂
    Thanks for the recent visit, Rach, it was great to have you in my space. Oh, one more thing, Happy belated Valentine’s Day! I wish you much chocolate always. 😉


  5. Sod the Doctor and stay here instead, besides do you
    think that Guap or I could last a week without calling by
    and seeing what you are getting up to? Well nooooo is
    the simplistic reply soooooo dates withthe evil Doctor will
    have to be limited, or else? 😉 lol

    Okay it’s pancake and spambo wambo time and I have
    the recipe for the mother of all pancakes so sit back, slip
    a suitable gown on and leave the skinny dipping to later
    on 🙂 How do you mean do nudists eat pancakes? Well of
    course they do but as a precaution they are careful where
    the crumbs fall, I mean that maple syrup is very sticky you
    know. Oh, sorry Miss. R you already do know, well there
    you go then, everyone can join in on our pancake party 😉

    Look after yourself Miss. R and I have the cattle-prod
    handy, for if the evil one gets too wicked 🙂 lmao xxxxx


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